“ L.A. based Briseyda Zarate scorched with her feline presence, a firestorm of filigreed fingers and fleet footwork in “Ecos de la Sierra.” Connecting to the music — especially the soulful wailings of L.A.’s Jesús Montoya, the no-nonsense Zarate also skittered as if possessed.” THE LA TIMES

“It wasn’t until Act 2, with its swirling flamenco dancers expertly choreographed by Briseyda Zárate Fernández, that the performance finally ignited.”LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS – “Carmen” at the LA Opera.

The standout of the evening was Briseyda Zarate, a tour de force with a decade of experience. The blunt sounds of her footwork revealed an incredible strength. She danced tientos with an appropriately furrowed brow. Her emotion is measured; you can see it smoldering under the surface until she releases it in a controlled fury of spinning and snapping” EXPLORE DANCE.COM

“My Little Deaths, Mis Pequeñas Muertes, was choreographed and performed beautifully by the esteemed flamenco dancer Briseyda Zárate. Zárate demonstrated outstanding technique in a work that expresses personal conflict and suffering. Her dramatic use of a large green shawl helps to accentuate this pain and frustration as she twirls it around her head, tosses it to the floor and then picks it back up to express her acceptance of her fate. Zárate’s flamenco technique and her acting are breathtaking to watch” SEEDANCE.COM

” The soleá por bulería was performed by Briseyda Zarate.  She is a petite woman, but her on stage presence is huge.  Her passion for flamenco is worn on her face as she dances, and her intensity for the dance was unrivaled by the rest of the dancers” SPLASH MAGAZINE WORLDWIDE

 “She is among the few in the top-most level of those practicing this traditional art form in the United States.  She dances with impeccable technique and great sensitivity and intensity of feeling..Briseyda has a role to play in keeping the essential Flamenco alive.  She has earned the acclaim she now enjoys as a performer and as a teacher, and she is sincerely committed to transmitting her understanding of this extraordinary art form to the next generation of dancers.” Deborah Lawlor  — The Fountain Theatre, Producing Artistic Director, “Forever Flamenco”   

“I have had the privilege of working with Briseyda and I can personally attest to the passion, dedication, and creativity with which she approaches her work. A true artist and professional…she has my highest respect and admiration.” Debbie Allen  

“Few times in my career have I met a more dedicated and meticulous flamenco dancer.  Her rich and dynamic style is rooted in the gypsy tradition.  Not only is she an extraordinary performer but one of the best and most giving teachers I have encountered.”Soledad Barrio, Noche Flamenca