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“L.A. based Briseyda Zarate scorched with her presence, a firestorm of filigreed fingers and fleet footwork, connecting to the music – especially the soulful wailings of singer Jesús Montoya. The no-nonsense Zarate danced as if possessed.  THE LA TIMES      

Briseyda Zárate Fernández is a professional Flamenco dancer, choreographer and teacher of 30 years, and has been an active member and leader of the LA Flamenco community for just as long. She is a Mexicana/Chicana with Indigenous and Andalusian Roma/Gypsy ancestry born to Mexican farm working immigrants in Delano, Ca. from Tanganciquaro, Michoacán. Briseyda has performed locally, statewide, nationally and internationally, including Spain’s top venues and festivals. Her dancing embodies the spirit of freedom & rebellion inherent to Flamenco and centers on live musicians, improvisation, community, channeling of ancestors, and feminine empowerment and leadership. She is one of the few in the top-most level of those practicing this art form in the United States and is sincerely committed to transmitting her love & deep understanding of this life affirming tradition.